Roxana is an architect and designer based in Edinburgh, United Kingdom. She submitted her PhD in the School of Architecture and Landscape Architecture at the University of Edinburgh in January 2019. She is currently working as an Architectural Technologist at Armadilla Ltd. in Edinburgh.

Roxana has received her BSc degree with distinction from Iran University of Science and Technology in 2011 and was awarded enrollment in the MSc course in Architecture and Technology in the same year. After finishing her postgraduate studies in 2014 in Iran, she joined the University of Edinburgh for doing a PhD in Architecture under the supervision of Professor Richard Coyne.

Roxana has been active as an interdisciplinary design researcher in the field of Data-driven technologies in architecture. Her approach to architecture as a creative practice is both top-down and bottom-up. Her main research focus is on contemporary architectural propositions, and she is keen on reviewing design processes and methodologies within the scope of urban informatics, data-driven innovations and biology/nature. She questions the spatial articulation through the interdisciplinary knowledge of architecture, technology, and biosemiotics.  

Roxana’s design and research journey started studying organic, grid shell structures in architecture for her Master’s dissertation in Iran and have led to develop a design strategy for a multi-complex metro station in the west of Tehran. This was the beginning of her journey as an early career researcher at the University of Edinburgh. She has developed research in Biomimicry and Big data-practices in architecture during her first and second year in Edinburgh and also have been actively involved in research groups and teaching accordingly.

Photo Credit: Simone Famiano

Photo Credit: Simone Famiano

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