[Digital Pratices] Symposium

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The initial proposal: 

How to become a designer and Architect?

This seminar series aim to address the philosophy of becoming in the context of practical and professional architecture and design practices. The series will comprise of talks and workshops in which the students will be interacting with successful architects, researchers and designers. This platform will be helpful for students at the school of architecture and design to have a grasp of how to approach architecture and how to do research and develop their own thinking process. as well as how to access resources and initiatives. They will have the opportunity to actively networking with professionals and colleagues and practitioners in a discussion panel and to know how they can improve their contribution to the practice and academia with the resources at hand. These seminar series will mainly focus on the journey of becoming an architect and designer. It will deliver fruitful information on the professional journey. We would like our guest speakers to elaborate on how they started their research or design agenda, how they got access to facilities, fundings, equipment and all sorts of resources to make their project happen.

The initial idea for this seminar series came from a selective impressive talk I attended at the University of Edinburgh in 2017, one of which was the discussion session with Wang Shu an Lu Wenyu organized by Professor Mark Dorrian, in which I learned a lot about not only the process of designing and building, but also the cultural and social differences between east and west contexts in architectural practice. It was interesting to learn about the relationship between users (clients) and architects, different stages of design, materiality, tangible and intangible factors and the process of making.

Becoming’ seminar series aim to invest in developing discussion sessions, talks, debates and workshops in which the guest speaker(s) and students will be involved in a more interactive communication contributing to the theme of the series; Becoming.