Mobile Detail

In this test I have used Rhino and Grasshopper to design a mobile detail. In the first step, I have designed the geometrical object including the details of each structural elements and the components' attachment joints. Here you can see the different views of the designed object. I would like to also acknowledge that this project was developed as part of my teaching in design studio three course at the University of Edinburgh and I have developed this detail based on a conceptual sketch by Alan Lock.

I have made a scaled model of the object (second image) in which I have tested the design mobility and movement thresholds as well as the tangible constrains for the next step. 

After completing the model, I have developed a grasshopper definition using Ghowl for animating the object's 'arms' and its elements using OSC to control the movements by an Android app: Control OSC.


Using Control OSC app, I was able to move the digital elements of the object in three different directions: open and close for the arms + up and down for the yellow and blue masses.